Custom designed sessions to eliminate your negative emotions such as fears, stress and low self-esteem.

Unique and powerful techniqes are used to create substainable results. Fast, efficient and deep.

Available dates 2016 are 3 - 8 March.

Or you have to wait until January 2017.

Alternative: Session via Skype.

Why is this work important?

It's worth every minute and any price to clear your limitations so that you can expand, reach the next level, feel free, safe and enjoy your life.

The time is NOW because every wasted minute is gone.
Life is precious!

If you …

  • feel stuck and afraid to move forward
  • are insecure and have low self-esteem
  • are totally stressed out
  • have been traumatized
  • shy and are afraid to speak up
  • are a people pleaser and find it difficult to say no
  • jealous in your relationship
  • are single and don't seem to be able to attract the right partner
  • want to loose weight but nothing has worked so far
  • want to feel free, powerful and magnetic

… don't miss this opportunity to clear out your old stuff.

How can I help you?

I will coach you in an unusually effective, fun and profound way.

Powerful techniques will be used and customized to fit your personal challenges.

We'll strip away layer after layer of false beliefs, blocked emotions and limiting fears that are stuck in your system. You will feel the result immediately.

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Fantastic results from only a couple of treatments. My life long feeling of not being good enough (due to being bullied as a child) and the shame around this is totally gone. I've carried this feeling for 40 years and it affected my children, my marriage and my work. What an amazing feeling now when it's gone!

Ingrid Gruneau , Sweden

Tina dear, I have to really thank you for showing me a real tool to recovery after the chock I experienced. Thanks to you I could enjoy the last bit of our holidays and really get my feeling of safety back. I really learned a new way of seeing life with what you tought me. THANK YOU SO SOOOOO MUCH!!!

Enrique Yamakawa, Japan

This session was to connect to my feeling of not feeling worthy. At the start of the session I was not able to verbalise the words ‘I’m not worthy’, because although I could feel the emotion of unworthiness in my solar plexus, when I tried to speak it literally felt like the words were ‘stuck in my throat’.  After a while the energy rose up to my third eye chakra and it felt like tremendous pressure over the bridge of my nose and between the eyebrows. Then the energy moved to my crown chakra and I could feel pressure on the top of my head. Next it felt like the energy was being pulled up through the top of my head. The session ended with me experiencing an exhilarating feeling of lightness and freedom. The words ‘I feel free’ had a deep impact on me. I felt excited by the feeling of being free to be me and that I no longer had to buy into this belief that I’m unworthy, just because that’s what people told me. Immediately after the session my energy was flowing freely, if I had wings I would have felt free enough to fly. Before the session the feeling of being unworthy was completely oppressive – like I’d been tied up with many layers of duct tape.

Jude Clegg, England

Tina has helped me so many times to get past the barriers of my mind and just follow my joy and really step into it. Her method is very strong and effective and she does it with so much gentleness and humor that i feel truly heard. With her it feels like finding my clarity is not only easy, but also a lot of fun. I feel free! A huge THANKS Tina!

Alina Dospinescu, Romania

Hi, Tina,
I want to tell you that my eyes are doing great after the EFT session with you. The next morning my sight was greatly improved and it stayed improved. I think it is now a 2 on the scale of 10, in stead of the 7 that it used to be. And I even stopped my medication and it stays stable. I just continued doing the EFT every morning, but more the Eft you did, not the way I learned it before. It feels as if your way is more effective. So I wanted to tell you that I am very grateful for what you did for me. Thank you and love you.

Jose van Doorn, Netherlands

I was just introduced to Tina’s practice of EFT only this week and found her work to be nothing short of remark! Tina helped me with both emotional and health issues in the blink of an eye. Her work was quick, effective and to the point. Personally I have a 30+ years experience in working as a therapeut / meditation teacher, and was skeptical at the onset, but soon became convinced that Tina can capably address any kind of healing issue and produce immediate positive results.

Deborah Blackburn, USA

Tina Lee has been a therapist since 1999. She is a certified Heart Intelligence Coach and is teaching EFT Mastery (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Asian Yoga Massage. She is also a certified teacher in Art of Feminine Presence. Tina is based in Sweden but comes to Kuala Lumpur during the winter. She also works internationally via Skype. She offers courses, workshops, lectures on different personal growth topics and gives private sessions.

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